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Abdominal Wheel


Wheel for normal abdominal training.

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  • Description

    An abdominal exercise wheel is a device that helps to strengthen core activities – the central region of the body. The accessory is formed by a small and resistant wheel and a kind of bar that crosses the center of the wheel and works as two handles. The abdominal exercise wheel is important because having a strengthened core helps in all physical activities practiced and reduces the risk of injury. The device works the abdominal muscles and also the lower back. This is advantageous because the back muscles must be strong to counteract the natural arch they make when rolling forward with the wheel.

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    Weight 800 g

I want to thank Acrilsports for their personalized coaching board. It’s spectacular, light, fantastic. I highly recommend it. Thanks. I’m ready for a new 2016/17 season.

- Ligia Santos, soccer coach, NY Red Bulls
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